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    Everyone always asks, what is Ulubulu? Ulubulu comes from the chorus of a Danish children’s song called Hulubulu, and pronounced oo-loo-boo-loo. We took off the “H” and ended up with Ulubulu.

    Ulubulu started in 2005 as Personalized Pacifiers™. We became very popular, very quickly, with a memorable gift to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s first baby. We gifted them the world’s most expensive pacifier at $17,000.00 to be exact. It included 3+ carats of diamonds and was made of 18 carat white gold. Personalized Pacifiers have been televised on over 100 TV shows to date and featured in every baby magazine and selling in over 1000 stores throughout the US.

    This popularity has been the building blocks for us to branch out into development of other baby products besides pacifiers. 2010 launched a new era for Personalized Pacifiers and a new image to coincide. Ulubulu was born featuring a line of Silicone Baby Bibs, Personalized Bottle Bands™, and Personalized Pacifier Clips™.

    We have something to be proud of!
    Our products are fun, hip, and functional with safety and affordability in mind, to make all of our customers happy! Reaching Four and a half stars on our customer reviews!

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